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Pet Portraits by Sally Jane Photographic Art

Photograph Submission

Acceptance Mark

There are often occasions when it is either not possible or not practical to arrange for Sally to photograph your pet for a pet portrait. This might be because you live too far away maybe even overseas, the portrait is a surprise and you cannot sneek the pet out for the photo-shoot or the pet may have died and the portrait is being done as a memorial. In such circumstances it may be possible to work from a photo you already have but there are limitations. If you have a good quality digital photo of your pet you would like Sally to use you may e-mail her a copy of it to the address below. Before doing so please bear in mind the following

  • The image must be digital and not a scanned image.
  • The pet needs to be in sharp focus.
  • All parts of the pet must be clearly in view unless just a head and shoulders portrait is required.
  • The digital image should ideally be uncompressed or if compression is used it should be minimal (largest file size) so as not to lose any quality.
  • The digital image should not have its size reduced, the larger the better.
  • Please do not attempt to edit any part of the image prior to sending it to Sally.
  • The pose the pet has in the photo will be the pose he or she has in the final pet portrait.
  • Ideally the photo should not have been taken using a flash, reflections from the eyes can be corrected but harsh shadows can't.
  • The image needs to be correctly exposed and with no burned out hot spots or deep shadows across the pet.
  • You must be the owner of the copyright of any image you submit, failing that, it is you responsibility to obtain permission from the copyright owner. You will need to confirm this when submitting the image.

E-mailing your photo is no gaurantee it will be acceptable but if it is turned down you will be given the reason and the opportunity to send another more suitable image. If for any reason you are unable to e-mail your image please contact Sally on the tel. No. below. Should your photo be turned down this not a critism of your skill as a photographer it is just that Sally may need different qualities to be present. If you have not yet taken the photograph you might like to read through fact sheets 1-6 that explain the best way to go about photographing your pet for a potrait.

Please note, a £20 editing fee will be added when working from a client's photo.


Sally Jane Turner will own the copyright of the final pet portrait and or any other image she has created from the photos sent.


The price for working on a pet portrait from your image as opposed to arranging a photo- shoot is the same, however, no deposit or travelling expenses are required. Full payment will still be due on acceptance of the proof image and prior to delivery of the final pet portrait. The option of 'exclusive' or 'non exclusive' still remains the sam.

paypal PayPal accepted for overseas orders.

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For further information please contact

Sally Jane Turner - Tel 07956 448690 or e-mail

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